Sunday, July 23, 2006

Emacs 22, Sunday, GNOME, Plone ...

Now I am posting this from Emacs 22 for a test (cvs version).

And yet another working Sunday :)

Just helped to create this page:
There was lots of help (mainly from #plone irc channel)

BTW, I found this blog by Jon Stahl, very interesting
"Plone and Zope Security"

CMS for GNOME, Why not Plone?

Are you a Plone and GNOME user, then why not just
help GNOME to choose Plone.
See GNOME's CMS requirements here:
Also make this page complete (not just complete, but the *best*)

Thursday, July 6, 2006

Two old batchmates

Recently I met two of my batchmates from NITC
( in different ways.
They are 'hackers' and I learned a lot from them.
Their blogs and journals are also cool: