Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Unicode may destroy Malayalam language in computer :(

This is for the first time I am writing about Malayalam language in my
blog. Unfortunately, this is about a catastrophe going to happen for
our language :( . I created this blog for writing about my interests
(Python,Zope etc.). I hope you will excuse this cross posted blog.

By breaking Unicode's basic principle, that, it will only inlclude
basic characters of a language, now they are going to add charaters
which are formed from other basic characters in Malayalam. You can
read more about the issue here:
and in this document:
http://www.rachanamalayalam.org/docs/ChilluEncodingIsWrong.pdf .
The changes are added to draft version of Unicode 5.1.0, so we still have some
hope that it can be reverted. Please support us !

Some background: I started the Swathanthra Malayalam Computing project
almost 7 years back while studying at NIT Calicut. Later, when Free
Software Foundation of India started working on this project, I joined
them to work on this project (as a Job). After I left FSF India, some
others continued that project. Two years back a
new team started working on this project, you can see details
about this team at their wiki: http://fci.wikia.com/wiki/SMC . This
is such a great team with good leaders. Now they are touching all areas
of Malayalam computing: i18n,l10n and other software tools for
Malayalam. I am no more involved in this project, but I used to follow
up the developments.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Yesterday's BangPypers meeting

After a long time, we had a BangPypers meet yesterday at ThoughtWorks
office (thanks to ThoughtWorks for hosting us). Pradeep gave us an
excellent introduction to Django using a TODO list application he
created. This application used SQLite (RDBMS), jQuery (JS framework)
and BluePrint (CSS framework). He will publish this code soon in his

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Partial content in planets (A Request)

Philipp, Martin & Kevin: I used to read planet.plone.org using an
offline feed agregator. I really like your blog posts (I never
missed a single one). I have one request, could you add full
content to your feeds for planets ?

I could have asked this question offline, but I thought other
bloggers who only give a link or part of content to planets may
add their full content to their feeds.

I wonder whether there is any other aspect which I don't
see which prevents them from adding full content to feeds.
One issue which I can see is that, very long posts may clutter
the planets, but I think planets can fix it with a new design
which only shows a part of the content and a link to view full

(Feel free to make comments here)

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Congratulations to Grok team for new site !

Grok project created a new simple,informative and great looking website:

Congratulations to the team !

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

ZCA Book listed in plone.org - Case study chapter

Thanks to Alan Runyan for adding the ZCA book in plone.org:
I hope this will help to increase the readership of the book.

Recently I started working on a case study chapter.
The source of application can be downloaded from here:

This is a PyGTK application which use PySQLite & ZODB as pluggable storages.
Looking forward to your suggestions and feedbacks :)

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

I got my ZCA book !

Last month I purchased my ZCA book from Lulu. Today it arrived in my
desk. Print quality, cover design and paper are very good. So far I am
the only purchaser of my book ;) The cost of book is $8.75 and
shipping cost to India will be another 6 USD. The book's PDF is available
from my site. If you want to purchase is it for some reason, you can
get it from here.