Saturday, October 1, 2011

Python workshop at KSR College of Arts & Science

Few weeks back (on 3rd September) I conducted one Python workshop at KSR College of Arts & Science.  I couldn't write about it till now. The college is located in Tiruchengode, a town in Namakkal district of Tamil Nadu.  The workshop was on a Saturday, but I reached the college in the previous night.     There was around 80 students from MCA and MSc courses. One student took some photos using his mobile camera, you can see some of those pictures below.

I started my journey from Bangalore on Friday afternoon in one KPN bus.  It was a Multi-axle bus and the road was also very good, so the journey was very comfortable. I reached Erode around 9.30 pm and one college staff was waiting for me. We had our dinner from Erode and went to college by one taxi car.  They had arranged my stay in the college guest house. It is a very good campus, and there are many colleges in that campus by the same management.  Next day during lunch time, the founding chairman also came for lunch in the guest house, some staff introduced me to him.  When I mentioned that I am from Kerala and working in Bangalore, he asserted that Kerala people are everywhere.  When I heard some history of that campus from one staff, it sounded astonishing.  The hospitality of the staff was gracious.  This is the second college I am visiting Tamil Nadu for a Python workshop, the other one was in Chennai.

The workshop started at 9.30 am with a small inauguration function.  Later I started with an introduction to Python and moved on to basic syntax.  Since they told they are using Windows, I showed Python from my Windows using VirtualBox.  I don't like to use it, but there was no other choice. It was just 1 or 2 students who had heard about Python before.  At the end of the lab session, I could see their happiness when they found a language which is very easy to learn.  I stressed the point that Python is a powerful general purpose programming language. I hope the session was well received.

In the lecture hall (morning)

This student was trying classes in Python

There was some joke, forgot...

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Python is cool!

In the lab