Saturday, March 12, 2011

PyCON Day 2 & 3

On second day I attended two tutorials specific to Python 3.  I am realizing more and more that Python 3 is really a simple & cool language.  I want to start at least one project in Python 3.  After announcing the site, the site started getting more feedback.

On third day (First day conference) I attended the keynote by Hilary Mason. Later we moved to the expo hall, ZeOmega has one booth. I was there in the booth for some time.  I also attended two talks: Pylons project talk and Flask talk.  During lunch time I got a chance to speak to Matthias Klose

In the evening we went for a dinner organized by PSF for sponsors and core developers. During dinner Brad introduced me to Barry Warsaw and Guido.  We also talked to some other folks there.  The dinner was arranged a in hotel near by georgia aquarium and CNN.  The night looked very nice and it as very cool.

Today I woke up early morning as I had registered for a lightning talk about site.  I hope it went well.

Now listening to Guido's special Keynote.

Friday, March 11, 2011


Today I am happy to announce the official launch of ! Thanks to all contributors Recent changes from Arun from Ubiqurio made it a great looking site.

I will update about todays PyCON happenings later.  Now sitting alone in a table at Hyatt lobby with lots of Pythonistas hanging around here.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

PyCON 2011 Day 1

I reached here in Atlanta with my ZeOmega colleagues on March 8th
evening. ZeOmega is a Gold sponsor this time ! (from 2003 onwards
ZeOmega was a silver sponsor).

On the first tutorial day, I attended the Advanced Python tutorial, both
part 1 and part 2. It was a great tutorial, Raymond Hettinger explained
many advanced topics in Python. I really liked the explanation about Descriptors.

In the evening I volunteered for placing flyer and goodies in the bag
for participants. There was two teams standing around a table, picking
one piece and passing around, finally a bag will be ready with all

I went for dinner with a crew of 10 somewhere in Downtown. It was
lengthy dinner, I got some nice fish with green beans and rice,
but forgot the name of fish :) The street was very beautiful in night.

I met Noufal & Anand C at the restuarant (unexpected!), so we have
3 BangPypers here now, any other BangPypers here ?

Today I am going to attend two tutorials: Mastering Python 3 I/O and
Cooking with Python 3