Saturday, October 26, 2013

Writing personal things in blog

This is the beginning of an attempt to write more things in my blog. I am thinking to write more personal things :-) Well, when I say "personal", I mean Religion, Family, Politics etc. I used to write mostly technical topics in my blog. Writing personal matters is very different from technical stuff. So, I would like to do some preparations.

I know that my blog is subscribed at many places. Some of them are various Planets (public blog aggregators) and others are individual subscriptions. In addition to this, I have linked my blog with Facebook. So my writings are reaching out to such a wide audience. This includes my friends from childhood, family and extended family members, neighbors, classmates from my schools and colleges, colleagues from current and previous organizations, participants from my various training and workshops, friends from Python and other FOSS communities, and many other friends.

The topics that I am writing may not be interesting or pleasing for all. Now, what should I do ? I am looking forward to your suggestions.

One thing that I am thinking to do is to remove Facebook linking. So all my posts will not go to everyone's FB update streams. If really required I can share the links separately. I have updated some active Planets with my technical or Python feed.

Another option is to create another blog itself. Based on my previous experiences, I have observed that It's not easy to maintain more blogs.

I will be updating this blog post with my further thoughts later.