Friday, March 23, 2007

I am in three planets now!

My journal feed had already added to (also in
unofficial long back.

Now I send request to Zope and Plone planets to add my feed. Thanks
to planet admins for adding me to their planets. For Zope and Plone
planets I have added my filtered feed which only contains topics
related to Zope 3 (sometimes Python also).

Well, I will introduce myself here. I am Baiju M, a relatively new
Zope 3 developer from Kerala [1] . Previously I have worked for Free
Software Foundation of India (as a Job) in 2002-2003. After that I
worked as a Koha [2] consultant for few months. Then I joined a
startup company based in Calicut (Kerala). I introduced them to
Python, we were mainly doing PyGTK [3] based enterprise applications.
Three months back I joined ZeOmega [4], a Zope based company.


Monday, March 19, 2007

Ugadi, Weekend, Office, Zope 3, Buildout

I thought just to write something now. Today is Ugadi [1], a few days back only I heard this word. This is a festival in Karnataka and some other parts of Deccan region of India. I am from Kerala [2], we have a similar festival coming up in next month called Vishu [3] . So happy Ugadi to all ! . Today is leave for my company [4], so we got 3 days consecutive leave. I could have gone to my home, but for some reason I postponed it to next week. One reason is that my wife's final year exam is starting today, so I though let she study :)

Remember my last post about Zope 3 [5], I wrote there that Zope 3 is evolving. Today morning I came to office to explore Zope 3 and Buildout. (I don't yet have a laptop, so office is the only place where I can do some coding) I am sitting alone in this big office now, oh! what a silence !! Today I manged to run a Zope 3 application solely from egg [6]

Oh! I cannot write anymore, I think I am feeling loneliness now. Hmm.. better to go to some park now [7]


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Zope 3 is evolving !

Zope 3.4 alpha 1 release is planned in first week of April, 2007 [1].
Zope 3.4 release will be based on eggs and buildouts. So you can use
the individual parts without using the whole Zope 3. Suppose you want
to use 'zope.interface', just 'easy_install zope.interface' will do it
for you. And if you want 'zope.component' [2], use 'easy_install
zope.component'. And there are many packages like this which does not
requires the whole Zope 3 (eg: zope.event, zope.deferredimport,
zope.testing, zope.testbrowser etc.). Most of them are available from
PyPI now !

And zc.buildout [3] is going to change how we develop and deploy Zope
3. If I want to modify (new feature/bug fix) zope.testbrowser I need
not to checkout the whole Zope 3 and start coding, rather I can
checkout zope.testbrowser and run 'buildout' command. It will setup
an environment where I can start working.

After 3.4 release, individual packages will be having it's own release