Monday, March 19, 2007

Ugadi, Weekend, Office, Zope 3, Buildout

I thought just to write something now. Today is Ugadi [1], a few days back only I heard this word. This is a festival in Karnataka and some other parts of Deccan region of India. I am from Kerala [2], we have a similar festival coming up in next month called Vishu [3] . So happy Ugadi to all ! . Today is leave for my company [4], so we got 3 days consecutive leave. I could have gone to my home, but for some reason I postponed it to next week. One reason is that my wife's final year exam is starting today, so I though let she study :)

Remember my last post about Zope 3 [5], I wrote there that Zope 3 is evolving. Today morning I came to office to explore Zope 3 and Buildout. (I don't yet have a laptop, so office is the only place where I can do some coding) I am sitting alone in this big office now, oh! what a silence !! Today I manged to run a Zope 3 application solely from egg [6]

Oh! I cannot write anymore, I think I am feeling loneliness now. Hmm.. better to go to some park now [7]