Friday, March 23, 2007

I am in three planets now!

My journal feed had already added to (also in
unofficial long back.

Now I send request to Zope and Plone planets to add my feed. Thanks
to planet admins for adding me to their planets. For Zope and Plone
planets I have added my filtered feed which only contains topics
related to Zope 3 (sometimes Python also).

Well, I will introduce myself here. I am Baiju M, a relatively new
Zope 3 developer from Kerala [1] . Previously I have worked for Free
Software Foundation of India (as a Job) in 2002-2003. After that I
worked as a Koha [2] consultant for few months. Then I joined a
startup company based in Calicut (Kerala). I introduced them to
Python, we were mainly doing PyGTK [3] based enterprise applications.
Three months back I joined ZeOmega [4], a Zope based company.