Thursday, April 30, 2009

On the way to India

Now I am in Frankfurt airport waiting for a flight going to Dubai. I was supposed to be in another flight going to Bangalore. Well, I am not complaining anything. I guess this kind of things will happen.
When we started our flight from Dallas Fort Worth airport, the climate suddenly changed. Until I reach airport it was fine. It was heavily raining and very cloudy. Then our flight delayed for 2 and 1/2 hours. When I reached here, the connection flight's boarding was completed. Anyway, they arranged another flight for me which goes through Duabi and then Bangalore. I will be reaching 9 am morning on Friday in Bangalore. I hope my luggage also will reach there.

Update from Dubai: I reached in Dubai two and half hours before,
I need to wait 2 more hours here. Here Internet is free unlike Frankfurt and US.
In Bangalore airport also, internet is free, but we need to register using a mobile.
I statrted 12.00 pm CDT from Dallas, so my total travel time will be more than 35 hours when I reach bangalore. I need to go to Kerala from there, yet another 9 hour jouney in Bus.

Another thing I am waiting in Bangalore is Swine flu checking, Since I am travelling from Texas, it's very likely that they will do it. I don't know how much time these all going to take.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Looking for quotes about Buildout

I was looking to improve the web presence of Buildout by updating
some content in . I got the motivation to
look into it again after reading Jacob Kaplan-Moss's latest blog
series about Buildout. I have added links to his blog from now. I
also added his quote: "Buildout is an exceedingly civilized way to
develop an app." into the main page itself ! I think, from marketing
point of view, some good quotes will help. So, if you find any good
quotes about buildout, please let me know.

BTW, I have already collected few quotes there.

P.S: Next week I am returning to India :) Here in Dallas, it looks
like summer is approaching. I attended Dallas Python user group
meetings two times with Brad and Jeff Rush, they are very active.