Thursday, March 10, 2011

PyCON 2011 Day 1

I reached here in Atlanta with my ZeOmega colleagues on March 8th
evening. ZeOmega is a Gold sponsor this time ! (from 2003 onwards
ZeOmega was a silver sponsor).

On the first tutorial day, I attended the Advanced Python tutorial, both
part 1 and part 2. It was a great tutorial, Raymond Hettinger explained
many advanced topics in Python. I really liked the explanation about Descriptors.

In the evening I volunteered for placing flyer and goodies in the bag
for participants. There was two teams standing around a table, picking
one piece and passing around, finally a bag will be ready with all

I went for dinner with a crew of 10 somewhere in Downtown. It was
lengthy dinner, I got some nice fish with green beans and rice,
but forgot the name of fish :) The street was very beautiful in night.

I met Noufal & Anand C at the restuarant (unexpected!), so we have
3 BangPypers here now, any other BangPypers here ?

Today I am going to attend two tutorials: Mastering Python 3 I/O and
Cooking with Python 3