Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Unicode may destroy Malayalam language in computer :(

This is for the first time I am writing about Malayalam language in my
blog. Unfortunately, this is about a catastrophe going to happen for
our language :( . I created this blog for writing about my interests
(Python,Zope etc.). I hope you will excuse this cross posted blog.

By breaking Unicode's basic principle, that, it will only inlclude
basic characters of a language, now they are going to add charaters
which are formed from other basic characters in Malayalam. You can
read more about the issue here:
and in this document:
http://www.rachanamalayalam.org/docs/ChilluEncodingIsWrong.pdf .
The changes are added to draft version of Unicode 5.1.0, so we still have some
hope that it can be reverted. Please support us !

Some background: I started the Swathanthra Malayalam Computing project
almost 7 years back while studying at NIT Calicut. Later, when Free
Software Foundation of India started working on this project, I joined
them to work on this project (as a Job). After I left FSF India, some
others continued that project. Two years back a
new team started working on this project, you can see details
about this team at their wiki: http://fci.wikia.com/wiki/SMC . This
is such a great team with good leaders. Now they are touching all areas
of Malayalam computing: i18n,l10n and other software tools for
Malayalam. I am no more involved in this project, but I used to follow
up the developments.