Monday, September 12, 2005

Zope3 study part-1

Today I started experiments with Zope 3, Last few weeks I
took print outs of Zope3 book's most of the pages in DotMatrix :)

I think the learning curve is too steep, but it was very interesting.

When I started learning PyGTK, I created a usable app in one week.
My motivation to learn PyGTK was redhat-config-* tools, there was
nothing interesting in those apps, but it amazed me that it was very cool.

This is first time I am learing a framework (hmm.. there is PyUnit,
but its not that much difficult). May be for developing huge apps,
big frameworks will be required, anyway I will look into other
alternatives after Zope3 becomes comfortable.

First I created an instance of zope at /var/tmp/tzope/

then created a package at /var/tmp/tzope/lib/python

and It is 'Zissue Tracker' (an experimental zissue/bug tracking
system for learing Zope 3)

So the package reside in : /var/tmp/tzope/lib/python/zissuetracker

Today (Sunday) I came to my office just to work on it.
Now I only finished few interfaces.

I just tried to publish it, but failed will try tomorrow.

Update (I have uploaded it here) :