Monday, October 10, 2005

Koha and Perl again!

Two year back I was a Koha ( consultant,
may be the first Koha consultant from India.
I did two successful installations, but later
when I got a job I stopped my consultancy works.
Actually I got many offers from all over India
to install Koha. But I found it will be very difficult to
support many clients alone. Though two of my customers was happy.

Yesterday (Sunday), I visited one of customer.
They required few changes in OPAC. In five
hours somehow I completed that work.
I was constantly referring perlintro, perlretut etc.

I think it will be very difficult for a Python
programmer to do Perl programming.

I have written a document and scripts for
ISIS to Koha migrators:

(ISIS versions are distributed by UNESCO since late 60s.
and there lots of installation world wide.)

Hmm.. now I will get back to office works,
I got lots responses for my Zope3 article,
so I will improve it.