Tuesday, May 23, 2006

What to write?!

For the last one month I didn't wrote anything here.
I have always wondered how some peoples write long
matters in journal/blog. Is it just like composing
reply to a technical mail. Do they feel the pain
of creativity. I usually read python, gnome and ubuntu
planets. I like new ideas in programming, technology
also I read humor and philosophy. I think most of the
planets didn't restrict topics. Some of them writes
highly technical stuff only, some writes about life
some writes what's happening everywhere else.
Well, it is something like this, a type is declared
"int me1;", "float me2;". Yes some people sometimes
upcast or downcast their values :)
And there are few dynamically typed journals/blogs
and I like those very much, the first example
I can point is Guido's blog
So a "Pythonic blog is always dynamically typed" :)
What is your favorite dynamically typed blog/journal?