Thursday, June 29, 2006

I want to write something...

Hmm... what to write now. Let me try to recollect today's journey. Yeah, as
usual, nothing special to remember. I think I woke up at around 5.00 AM, it
was heavily raining outside. I didn't got up from bed, I think I slipped to
sleep again. Then at 5.40 AM my alarm rung, since it was still raining.. oh!
there was some other reason.. well anyway I didn't got up again :) . I used to
go for morning walk at this time, these days it was becoming a routine. May be
I am afraid of my growing abdomen/belly :) . At 8.05 AM I was in bus, then the
same route. Well.. I think I cannot narrate even one day :) . Anyway I will
try again :)

Hmm.. writing something personal is very difficult task. Sometimes I used to
go through some personal blogs, I used to wonder how they write about their
life! Yes! it is not an easy task, only very simple minded peoples can do it,
so I am not :) . Writing someting technical is not that difficult, only thing
is that, we should know the subject.

May be I will stop now :)