Sunday, December 14, 2008

A day with RMS

Today RMS visited Bangalore again. This is for the first time I am
seeing him. I am bit tired after today's programs. So, I will try to
proide a brief summary of the program. I hope you know what RMS will
be talking about, so I am not going to those details :)

His talk was at NMKRV college in Jayanagar (Bangalore) which was very
near to our office. I reached there with Jayesh around 10 am. I
have seen his talks in video and today also it was a typical RMS
talk. At the end of session, during questions time, I also asked one
question :) I asked him: "Many free software follows release early,
release often philosophy...". He interupted me, "No, that is not the
case, and that is just a development methodology...". I continued my
question like "Why GNU Emacs releases taking so much time...". He
said, "That is due to technical reasons, you can also come and fix it
(laugh) as it is free software and all the code is available in
Savannah..." (Discaimer: This is not his exact wording)

Jayesh left earlier due to some important office works. I was also
about to return home, then, Anivar suggested to go to the second
program of RMS. After lunch we went to the Ambedkar Community
Computing Center. This is a place where many poor people live. They
were using free software for all their computing needs. All the
peoples gathered there was really celebrating his visit.

After this program, my friends Sujith and Anivar was accompanying RMS
to his hotel, they arranged some interview with press persons there.
Again, as I had no other option, I also joined them. While
travelling RMS' friend, Hareesh, Anivar & Sujith was talking about
Dalits, Hiduism, Politcs etc. RMS also expressed his opinions

We stopped in one hotel for tea and net browsing. He was sitting
opposite to me. I was surprised to see that he was ordering an Indian
cool drink very easily, "One cold badam milk" :) Hmm.. he had come to
India many times, so he must be familiar with it. We spend almost
one hour there. Later, I returned to my home and they proceeded to
their hotel.

Here are few pictures I have taken today:

1. RMS just Arrived at RV college

2. Welcome talk by Renuka Prasad

3. "Free as in Freedom"

4. St. iGNUcious is getting ready!

5. With common Indians

6. Ambedkar smiling at Stallman from wall.

7. RMS releasing a book

8. Tea with a song

9. Hacking after a cold Badam milk at hotel