Friday, September 14, 2007

BangPypers mailing list moved to !

Today Anand B. Pillai (one of BangPypers list moderator and HarvestMan fame) with help from Jeff Rush moved BangPypers mailing list from Yahoo! groups to Thanks to Anand and Jeff Rush !

The initial motivation for this move was Brad Allen from Dallas Ft. Worth Pythoneers. He had a talk ("Python user groups unite!") at Bangalore Barcamp 4 in last july. He talked about Python advocacy and what Python user groups can do for this. He also gave lots of tips for running a successful user group from his experience at Dallas group. Thanks Brad for all this.

BTW, There is mailing list created for "Support and Mentoring of Usergroup Organizers (Current or Wannabe)". Also there is a Usergroup advocacy list.