Friday, September 14, 2007

Zope 3 for Djangoers

Today I found this blog in blogosphere : ( I couldn't find name of blogger anywhere in that site)

The blogger has started writing some articles for Django programmers who want to use (or sitch to) Zope 3. So far there are three parts published . I think these articles will be useful for any Zope 3 programmers . Congratulations to the author !

BTW, In the first article the blogger mention that Python 2.5 cannot be used, but it's not true anymore. My student (Nikhil N from Kerala, India) has successfully ported Zope 3 to Python 2.5 as part of Google Summer of Code 2007. But Python 2.5 will not be officially supported until Zope 2 is also ported (This is a Zope Community policy, Yes ! we will not drop Zope 2 for anything, even for Python 3.x !!) . Zope Foundation had four GSoC projects and all of them are successfully completed. We will write more about this later.