Friday, October 12, 2007

Good bye zope3-dev list !

Zope 3 developers list is going back to where it is started.

The first mail to zope3-dev list was from Jim Fulton in 2001 and he
closed the list with a final thread. There was average 146 KB (gziped version)
mail per month for last 6 years and 500+ subscribers in zope3-dev list.

Recently Zope 3 has been "exploded" into individual projects.
The discussions about development of these projects will continue in
zope-dev list (The 'zope-dev' list is almost 9 years old now).

This is a good move, because Zope 3 is no more a single project. Zope
itself had more projects from the beginning. But projects like Zope 2
(Original Zope application + application server and/or framework),
ZODB (object database), CMF (content management framework) etc. was
more coarse grained. Then Zope3 also started like this, but it
consisted many re-usable packages. With the arrival Python eggs, it
become easy to manage small packages. Buildout pushed this trend
further. At last, this lead to splitting of packages into separate
projects, and we have a new term for that, "satellite projects". Also
these projects are more fine grained compared to Zope 2,ZODB etc. (I
heard Jim has plan to split ZODB into small individual packages in

The 'zope3-users' list will function as it is now. In future, this
list *may* also merge to general 'zope' list in favor.