Wednesday, November 7, 2007

At last Zope 3 releases coming to an end !

Few days back Stephan Richter released Zope 3.4 second beta release.
The Zope 3.4 release may be the last release of Zope 3 release
as a single package. There is still a minor chance for a 3.5 release.
Anyway, Zope 3 as a single package is coming to an end. I won't be
surprised if the term "Zope 3" itself vanish in the future.

This is a good thing for the future of Zope project & community. As I
implied in one of my last post, Zope is becoming more "Pythonic".
Well, I am not going to describe "What is Pythonic" :) . You know,
Zope is even dropping the server business ! (Zope 3 used Twisted web
server as the default server for a long time). We also retired
zope3-dev list last month .

For those who using Zope 3.3 or earlier versions, Zope 3.4 is a chance
(may be last) for migrating to egg and buildout based system for
development and deployment.

Now you might wonder, "Where is Zope going ?" . This is a very
difficult question for me to answer, so, I refrain from trying it :)
Here I am just giving two pointers: Grok, Repoze.

However, I believe Zope 3 will live for a long time through the
numerous packages derived from it.

Update:I forgot another pointer: zopeproject