Wednesday, November 21, 2007

ZCA book translations - bzr - Launchpad - user group

Lorenzo Gil Sanchez (Gazpacho fame) is working on a Spanish
translation of ZCA book (PDF). It was a surprise for me to see a new bzr
branch at Launchpad for Spanish translation. Kent Tenney was also
excited, keep up the good work, Lorenzo ! I have published his
translation in my site (PDF). If anyone want to help him with
this translation or start a new translation to another language, you can
simply create bzr branch there and start working it.

Since I am involved in Zope 3, I become a heavy svn user. Now, after
I started using bzr for this project I realized the power of bzr (This
may be applicable to other DVCS). Currently we have three active
branches, the feature I like very much is merging from other branches
(Oh ! it's really cool). Thanks to Canonical for providing such a nice
hosting for bzr. After all Launchpad is a ZCA based application, then
how it won't be cool ? ;)

Since I published this work in last month, there was almost 5000 hits
for ZCA book. Also I got good comments and feedbacks in my journal
and through mail. It looks like people are also interested in
translating this work to other languages. To coordinate all these
efforts, I have created a google group. So, if you are interested to
help me in any way to finish this work, you can join me there.
Well, this is not a general discussion list for ZCA itself, you can
use zope3-users list for that.