Tuesday, November 27, 2007

FOSS.IN/2007 is coming up !

(This post's target audience are readers of Python, Zope & Plone

This year's FOSS.IN/2007 is coming up next month from December 4th to
8th at National Science Symposium Centre, Indian Institute of Science,
Bangalore, India. FOSS.IN is one of the world's largest FOSS events, held annually in India.
The event's main focus is on development and contributions to FOSS from India.
So, most of the talks are related to FOSS contributions. I also will be presenting a
talk about contributing to Zope project. Well, my original talk I submitted was
a general Python talk, which got rejected, so I also ended up with a
talk like this.

There is another talk related to Zope and Plone by Sreekanth S.R.

During the event, BangPypers will be conducting some BOF sessions. We
welcome all Python programmers to BangPypers BOF sessions.

Me & Nikhil N (last year GSoC student who worked on Python 2.5 porting
of Zope 3) planing to work on some Zope projects at hack center. Any
one intereted in Zope are welcome :)

BTW, this is for the first time I am going to meet Nikhil in person.
It was a nice exprience working with him during GSoC project. He is
also from my native place, Kerala. So, most of our discussions were in
our native language, Malayalam.